• 30 years Noorderlicht in MartiniPlaza

    [07-09-2019 || 20-12-2019]

    On the occasion of the 30th anniversary Noorderlicht, we present a cross section of the photography that we presented over the last three decades. In MartiniPlaza we show work by photographers from all corners of the globe, whose work is connected to each other by the mission of Noorderlicht: to bring the audience in touch with imaginative, socially relevant art.



  • Maxim Februari opens TAXED TO THE MAX

    [5 October 2019]

    "Beauty is a human right," Maxim Februari said in 'Zomergasten' last sunday, during a wonderful evening about nuance, art, imagination, control, freedom and much more.

    A few days before, he wrote in De Correspondent: “Taking your moral responsibility in this digital age (is) difficult, because so much is happening outside of your field of vision and therefore beyond your control. As an individual you cannot easily disagree with invisible forces."

    This fits in nicely with the theme of the 26th Noorderlicht International Photography Festival. We could not have wished for a better speaker than Maxim Februari to open TAXED TO THE MAX on Saturday 5 October.
    photo: Iván Herrera

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  • TAXED TO THE MAX: participants announced


    [6 October - 1 December 2019]

    The 26th Noorderlicht International Photography Festival TAXED TO THE MAX examines the societal tensions created by international conglomerates with their vast accumulations of capital and their influence on national and global politics. TAXED TO THE MAX asks: how does the increasingly perfected entanglement of corporatism, finance capital and modern government affect the lives of regular people?
    With the 34 participants, the festival presents a refreshing mix of photo series, mixed media, video and sound installations, performances, and spatial work on this theme.

    TAXED TO THE MAX least you are not afraid to live life on the brink of chaos

    Alan Gignoux | Anika Schwarzlose | Bérangère Fromont | Brigitte de Langen | Coralie Vogelaar | David Klammer | Davide Monteleone | Dorothée Elisa Baumann | Ezio D’Agostino | Gina Peyran Tan | Glenna Gordon | Igor Tereshkov | Ishan Tankha | Ivar Veermäe | John Vink | Jos Jansen | Joseph Rodríguez | Kanad Chakrabarti | Lana Mesić | Lena Dobrowolska & Teo Ormond-Skeaping | Mari Bastashevski | Mark Curran | Martin Toft | Marvin Leuvrey | Michele Borzoni | Oliver Ressler & Zanny Begg | Sergey Novikov & Max Sher | Sven Johne | Thomas Kuijpers | Tony Fouhse | Ursula Biemann

    photo: Thomas Kuijpers - Euro Spin (2019)

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  • Photo walking tour Lauwersmeer

    [14-08-2019 || 29-12-2019]

    In April 2019 a special edition of magazine Noorderbreedte was published about the fiftieth anniversary of national park Lauwersmeer. Fifteen northern photographers gave their vision on this special place. This week we set up a special photo walking route with their work in the beautiful area. To be seen daily till the end of 2019. Free entrance.

    Pieter Tonnis de Graaf | Sebastiaan Rodenhuis | Sander van der Bij | Kars Tuinder | Sven Sleur | Corine Hörmann | Annemarie van Buuren | David Vroom | Baukje Venema | Jelle van der Zwaag | Caroline Penris | Rick Slagter | René Alberts | Maarten Westmaas & Erik Slot


  • Anne Katrine Senstad - Cosmosis Collages


    [23 June - 22 September (closed 29 - 31 August) ]

    Noorderlicht | House of Photography and Galerie del Campo, a surprising exhibition space in Wijster, Drenthe, join hands for the first time. In their converted farmhouse, Lizette Groffen and Jan den Uijl display designer furniture, ceramics and photography. From June 23 to September 22, Norwegian cross-media artist Anne Katrine Senstad exhibits with her most recent photographic work, 'Cosmosis Collages'.

    Drijberseweg 12
    9418 PW Wijster

    photo: Anne Katrine Senstad - Cosmosis Collages Composition no 4A53 7D, 2019


30 years Noorderlicht