• Ton Broekhuis - Aside

    [Nov 17th till Jan 6th 2019]

    Ton Broekhuis photographs beauty, bloom and mortality in his immediate surroundings in the Frisian area of Stellingwerven. With his dog as loyal walking companion, he moves through the landscape and crawls deep into his own garden. From blades of grass to woods to the little corpses of birds, time after time there is the surprising richness of a seemingly unsightly nature. Thus, sharing his lyrical gaze with the viewer, the gaze of someone who sees what others do not. In his work intimacy and abstraction alternate, in grand journeys through a world within walking distance.

    A long oeuvre precedes this most recent work by the landscape photographer of the North. For 30 years, Broekhuis has cherished the northern landscape’s vastness, the freedom of emptiness. His work deals with the feeling the land evokes, any trueness to nature is subordinate to this. The process of interpretation and experimentation – once in the dark room, now in front of a screen – is where the work really comes to life.

    Also on show in the exhibition is a cross-section from his earlier photographs and the many books he has published.



  • Rahi Rezvani - Solo exhibition

    Noorderlicht | House of Photography presents a solo exhibition with the works of Rahi Rezvani in our photogallery. It will open during the ESNS festival (16 - 20 januari) en will be shown untill 10 March 2019. More info in the first week of December.

    photo: © Rahi Rezvani (Editors - Violence)


  • Society and Change in Northern Ghana

    [till 2020]

    For the past years, Noorderlicht | House of Photography has been working with Ghanaian and international photographers on a visual documentation about Ghana. Since its independence in 1957, the West African country has never experienced a disruptive crisis, making it an interesting example for developments in the region. With the project, consisting of an exhibition during the NUKU photo festival in Ghana and a photo book, leading photographers provide insight into the society and landscape of Ghana.

    The first part of the project resulted last september in an exhibition at the Tamale Center for Photographic Practice and Research during the NUKU photo festival. The photo book 'Northern Ghana Life', with the most important images appeared next to the exhibition and is for sale in our shop.

    photo: © Francis Kokoroko


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  • BlogMarc Prüst
    Northern Ghana Life

    Last Wednesday, October 17, I presented the book 'Northern Ghana Life' at Pakhuis de Zwijger in Amsterdam. What considerations have been made in the curation process of the photographers and images? What story does the project tell us? Sterre Sprengers interviewed participating photographer Patrick Willocq and me.

    The book is for sale in our shop:

    Read blog >>

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