• IN VIVO | The nature of nature

    International Photofestival 2018[June 23rd - Sept 23rd]

    The deadline for submission 'IN VIVO' is closed. We did receive an enormous amount of entries, thank you very much. We expect to finish the selections and answer everyone around 15th May at the latest. The first names will be shown at 10 May.
    The festival will take place from 23 June till 23 September at Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen.

    Photo: © Catherine Nelson, serie Unstill Life

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  • Simulacrum II

    [8 Sep - 28 Oct]

    Noorderlicht | House of Photography and the Frisian Museum present 'Simulacrum II'. In the photo exhibition in the Frisian Museum five artists can be seen who manipulate reality. In their work the boundary between real and unreal is hardly recognizable.

    Photography is no longer reliable when it comes to the representation of reality. Many of the images in our environment have been manipulated. The advertising world uses digital models and in films completely different worlds are created. The artists in this exhibition investigate the feasibility of reality, each in their own way.

    photo foto: Thibault Brunet, from the series 'Territoires Circonscrits'



  • Society and Change in Northern Ghana

    [15 -21 Sep 2018]

    Noorderlicht | House of Photography worked for the last three years with Ghanaian and international photographers on a visual documentation about Ghana. Since its independence in 1957, the West African country has never experienced a disruptive crisis, making it an interesting example for developments in the region. With the project, consisting of an exhibition during the NUKU photo festival in Ghana and a photo book, leading photographers provide insight into the society and landscape of Ghana.


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  • BlogMarc Prüst
    Northern Ghana Life

    A few days ago the Nuku Photo Festival has started in Tamale, making the first photo festival ever in Ghana a fact. Yesterday we opened the exhibition 'Northern Ghana Life'. Internationally renowned, and young, talented Ghanaian photographers, combine their documentary and artistic visions to form a cohesive whole and thus show the social changes in Ghana.

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