• Philippe Dudouit - The Dynamics of Dust

    [8 June - 25 August, 2019]

    'The Dynamics of Dust' is a long-term project by Philippe Dudouit (Switzerland, 1977), based on historical and geopolitical documentation, research and analysis. In this series, the photographer examines the new relationships that the nomadic indigenous inhabitants of the Sahelo-Saharan zone have established with a territory that is currently highly perilous. The project, which began in 2008, shows how a former tourist paradise has become a new theatre where human traffic is interlacing with terrorism, drugs and the weapons industry.

    photo: Philippe Dudouit - High Council for the Unity in Azawad fighter. Kidal, Northern Mali, 2016.



  • Free tickets concert Mdou Moctar in Vera for Noorderlicht visitors

    If you visit the exhibition 'The Dynamics of Dust' by Philippe Dudouit on 12, 14 or 15 June (we are closed on the 13th), you can ask for a free ticket (normal price € 11) at the desk for the Mdou Moctar concert, on Saturday, June 15 in Vera Groningen. Moctar is officially a resident of Niger, but is primarily a Tuareg. And that can be heard in his psychedelic, rattling, dirty and swinging desert blues, which fits in beautifully with our exhibition.

    Mdou Moctar (photo: Cem Misirlioglu)

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  • Ton Broekhuis receives honorary medal of the Municipality of Groningen

    [13 June 2019]

    Ton Broekhuis, the founding father of Noorderlichtt, was awarded the honorary medal of the Municipality of Groningen this evening by the alderman. Rightly so!

    "Thanks to the great dedication, commitment and perseverance of Ton Broekhuis, Noorderlicht has developed into an important national and international player in quality photography. That really is a major achievement," said alderman Paul de Rook.

    photo: Harry Cock

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30 years Noorderlicht

  • 30 reactionsRobert Zhao Renhui
    09 | 30

    “Since the festival increasingly pays attention on man’s impact on nature, showcasing photographers that document these acts of violence we commit against our environment, I hope Noorderlicht continues to do what it does best: continue to exhibit photography from all over the globe and show us a perspective as no other medium can do.”

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