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    [from May 17th 2018]

    At May 17started the Noorderlicht-project ‘Photo’s & stories’. Together with 75 students of the Montessori Lyceum we will explore the meaning and story behind photographs. The six lessons course will be followed up upon a festive presentation.


  • Dragana Jurisic - YU: The Lost Country

    [ProjectSpace] Emma Döbken

    31 March till 27 May

    Dragana Jurisic grew up in Yugoslavia, a country that ceased to exist in 1991. On the basis of a 1941 travel report by the British author Rebecca West she, together with her good friend Michal Iwanowski, travelled the states that came into being following the falling apart of her country of birth. It was initially meant to be a reconstruction of a lost home country, yet it became a chain of experiences showing how she herself changed during the course of time. It also demonstrates how photographs can give voice to the feeling of being uprooted. Next to Jurisic’s work, this exhibition displays photographs by Iwanowski for the first time as well.



  • IN VIVO | The nature of nature

    International Photofestival 2018

    The deadline for submission 'IN VIVO' is closed. We did receive an enormous amount of entries, thank you very much. We expect to finish the selections and answer everyone around 15th May at the latest. The first names will be shown at 10 May.
    The festival will take place from 23 June till 23 September at Museum Belvedere, Heerenveen.

    Photo: © Catherine Nelson, serie Unstill Life


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  • BlogAndrea Hooymans
    The mundane side of space travel

    Monica Alcazar-Duarte has been working on her project The New Colonists for the past three years now. This has resulted in an interactive installation which reflects on the adventurous side of space exploration, promoting solidarity through emphasizing the import of meticulous preparations for such travels. Monica: “The object is very sci fi - like something that might go into space - and it is using the language of the extraordinary side of space exploration: very exotic and scientific. That is a trick because when you are attracted to it and you can be fascinated by it, but the inside is very mundane.”

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