• Tribute

    13 Sep - 2 Nov 2014
    Noorderlicht Photogallery

    Larry Fink, The Beats
    Karen Knorr & Olivier Richon, Punks

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  • Expected

    The Other Side

    12 Dutch photographers in the world behind the Iron Curtain, 1979 – 1989
    8 Nov 2014 - 11 Jan 2015
    Noorderlicht Photogallery

    The Other Side

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  • BlogHester Keijser
    Laura Böök : For me it's important to develop strong relationships with the people I photograph and give back something, and also to make work that is not just for other photographers or photography enthusiasts.”

    Laura Böök speaks about her ongoing documentation of a Congolese immigrant community adapting to live in a small Finnish village.

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