• STRANGE WORLDS | The Imagination of Science

    Nucleus in Eindhoven

    Albert van Abbehuis proudly presents Strange Worlds: The Imagination of Science. The exhibition features a selection of international and national artists that was part of the Nucleus Noorderlicht Photofestival 2017 in Groningen. This collaboration allows us to extend the enchantment of art and science to Eindhoven.
    The selected artists specialise in photography as medium. The creative documentation of scientific and technological realities lies at the heart of the exhibition. Each artist has a unique approach to various sectors within the fields of science and technology, allowing an exciting view into worlds that would otherwise not necessarily be available to the general public. Come and view how these influential artists unfocus our view of traditional scientific representation by venturing into strange and wonderful worlds through the imagination of science and technology.

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  • The Romantic Landscape

    [Feb 10th till March 21st 2018]

    The Noorderlicht Photo Gallery will exhibit work from photographers from Northern Europe, who work from a perspective that is inspired by the Romantic era. This exhibition is connected with 'Romanticism in the North - from Friedrich to Turner', that will take place in the Groninger Museum.

    photo: Ekaterina Sevrouk



  • Open call

    International Photofestival 2018

    The Noorderlicht International Photofestival 2018 takes place from 23 June to 23 September. Collaborating with partner organisations, an encompassing multidisciplinary project containing photography, other visual arts, and music is created. We gladly welcome entries for IN VIVO until 15 March. Noorderlicht invites photographers, related artists (video and digital media), and curators to propose projects.

    Photo: © Catherine Nelson, serie Unstill Life


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  • BlogAndrea Hooymans
    The mundane side of space travel

    Monica Alcazar-Duarte has been working on her project The New Colonists for the past three years now. This has resulted in an interactive installation which reflects on the adventurous side of space exploration, promoting solidarity through emphasizing the import of meticulous preparations for such travels. Monica: “The object is very sci fi - like something that might go into space - and it is using the language of the extraordinary side of space exploration: very exotic and scientific. That is a trick because when you are attracted to it and you can be fascinated by it, but the inside is very mundane.”

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