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Adam Orzechowski

Chernobyl Project (2011)

Up to now the nuclear disaster in Chernobyl in 1986 has been the largest nuclear power plant catastrophe in history. Due to the contamination of the area surrounding the disaster, the Soviet authorities established a ‘forbidden zone’, an area with a range of thirty kilometres around the exploded power plant from which all people were evacuated. This included the fifty thousand people who were living in the city of Pripyat at the time. Countless researches since the disaster indicate that the animal populations in the area have flourished as a consequence of the rigorous reduction of human activities. Paradoxically, thanks to a terrible human error a nuclear wasteland has thus been created that turns out to be a safe zone for nature. In this spontaneously created nature park, flora and fauna are gradually recapturing their natural habitat from man.


Adam Orzechowski (Poland, 1979) grew up in Kraków. In addition to his own projects, he works in commission for The Sunday Times Magazine, The Weekend Australian Magazine, and the stock photo agency Getty Images. Since 2005 Orzechowski lives and works in London.