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Data Rush

Data Rush

Catherine Balet

Strangers in the Light (2009)

In her series STRANGERS IN THE LIGHT, Catherine Balet examines the complicated relationship between humans and their technology. Her photographs show the new posture of the ever-reachable, contemporary human, absorbed in the white, digital light of his device. The individuals she has photographed are solely illuminated by the light on their smartphone, laptop or tablet, thus creating a 21st century chiaroscuro effect which seems to refer to classical paintings and the old masters. At the same time, it refers to the historical break with the past, brought about by modern means of communication.


Catherine Balet (France, 1959) graduated from the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris. Before dedicating herself to photography fifteen years ago, she worked as a fine art painter. Her work has been shown in various exhibitions in Europe and South America and was featured in The Sunday Times Magazine, Vogue, Die Zeit and Vrij Nederland,among others. STRANGERS IN THE LIGHT was published in book form in 2013.