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Data Rush

Data Rush

Henrik Spohler

0/1 Dataflow (2000-2001)

The places where the real heart of our information society beats are in fact the opposite of it in terms of appearance. In the uniform, light grey spaces even the colour of the Ethernet cables offers no indication as to which direction the processed data comes from, let alone where it is going. The processes at play here are just as invisible as in the synapses of the human brain. This abstraction makes the photographs an allegory of the interplay and equivalence of data in the digital era.


Henrik Spohler (West Germany, 1965) studied Photography at the Folkwang University of the Arts and has been working as a freelance photographer on books and exhibitions since 1992. He has been a university lecturer on photography at the HTW University of Applied Sciences in Berlin since 2009. 0/1 Dataflow appeared in book form in 2004.