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Joni Sternbach

Abandoned (2004-2006)

On the border of land and sea Joni Sternbach reveals the mystery of a forgotten past. For her series ABANDONED, she looked for ruins and other remnants of human activities on the coast. The constructions, which have lost their functionality long ago, now stand as a symbol for a primitive and lost time; for human endeavour that becomes clearly visible through the decay and return to nature. Sternbach develops her photographs – unique ambrotypes and tintypes – on location in a portable darkroom. Working in this old collodion technique, she uses original chemical formulas and lenses from the mid-nineteenth century whilst simultaneously providing her compositions with a contemporary aesthetic. The exhibited works are reproductions of the originals.


Joni Sternbach (United States, 1953) studied at the School of Visual Arts and the International Center of Photography, both in New York. Her work centres on our relationship with water in the broadest sense. Sternbach has published several books, the most recent of which is Surf Site Tin Type (2015).