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Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Terra Cognita - Urban Jungle

Karin Borghouts

Through the Looking Glass (2001-2005)

Strip away the backgrounds in zoos and amusement parks of people and animals, and what is left are artificial reconstructions of wild nature. Just as a photograph is a memory of a moment, this fake nature is only a memory of real nature, which we normally know only from photographs and films. By recording these backdrops Karin Borghouts creates a memory of a memory. In doing so, she poses questions about the nature of photography and our ideal images of nature.    

  • Wawel, Krakow, Poland, 2003

  • Zoo de Vincennes, Paris, France, 2003


Karin Borghouts (Belgium, 1959) was trained as a painter and sculptor. She has worked as a graphic designer, and photographed, since 1999. In her work she focuses on specific places: architectural spaces, zoos, parks and amusement parks, museums and interiors. Her work is on the boundary between the visual arts and photography, and frequently refers to painting. 


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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