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Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

Susannah Sayler & Edward Morris

A History of the Future (2005-present)

The photos in the series A HISTORY OF THE FUTURE were shot at places where scientists are researching climate change and seeking ways to minimize its effects or help us adapt to them. The serenity of these places contrasts radically with the violent consequences that climate change has. Here it is not the individual image that tells the story, but the whole archive of images, in the larger context of the discourse on climate change. It is for this reason that Sayler and Morris regularly combine the images with objects, research data and video installations.

  • Glacial Icecap and Permafrost Melting XXXVI. Bellingshausen Base, King George Island, Antarctica, 2008.

  • Gijster Reservoir. Biesbosch National Park, the Netherlands, 2010.


The artist duo Susannah Sayler (United States, 1969) and Edward Morris (United States, 1971) are known for their interdisciplinary and activist work, in which environmental questions play a large role. The project shown laid the foundation for a wider collaborative effort involving over thirty artists, which under the name of The Canary Project seeks to make the public more aware of  climate change.


Terra Cognita

Terra Cognita

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