Chapters and photopgraphers

METROPOLIS is a novel in six chapters. These tell the exciting, shocking, wonderful and overpowering story of City Life in the Urban Age.

1. Astonished

The appeal of the city is irresistible: all the people who made up the city before you, the buildings that stand there today, often old and steeped in memories, meaning and history, and those which once stood, but have been torn down to make way for new structures. The city is a person, a star to be gazed at until you are nearly blinded by the extravagance. Make a photo of it, frame it and select it. Let it remind you…

  • Brad Farwell - Rapture
  • Laura Konttinen - Cityscapes
  • Marcus Koppen - Megacity - Hong Kong
  • Ikuru Kuwajima - Astana’s Winter Urbanscape
  • Massimo Mastrorillo - City Models
  • Cecile Mella - Fictional Cape Town
  • Michael Najjar - Liquid Cities
  • Matthew Niederhauser - Counterfeit Paradises
  • Offmanphoto - Atoms
  • Max Pam - Supertourist Cities
  • Martin Roemers - Metropolis
  • Niels Stomps - Metropolitan Area
  • Yang Yongliang - Heavenly City
  • Pablo Ziccarello - Microcentro

2. Astray

A vagrant warms himself in the exhaust from a heating system. A girl stares out over the city, wrapped in a blanket for comfort. That anonymous face in the metro, lost in semi-sleep, has missed a station somewhere. Why did they come here? Who cares about them? Who are they? Do you exist at all, if others can't or won't see you? Unspoken questions: and the city rushes on, right past them.

  • Mehraneh Atashi - Tehran’s Self-Portrait
  • Giacomo Brunelli - The Animals
  • Stephen Dupont - A Tale of Two Slums
  • Ugnius Gelguda - Spacetime
  • Nadja Groux - 127th@StNick
  • Pawel Jaszczuk - High Fashion
  • Katrin Koenning - Thirteen: Twenty Lacuna
  • Sayed Asif Mahmud - My City of Unheard Prayers
  • Ivan Mikhaylov - Metropolis
  • Guillaume Millet - Kurai
  • Sherman Ong - Motherland (video)
  • Louie Palu - Financial District
  • Ohm Phanphiroj - Underage
  • Michael Wolf - Tokyo Compression
  • Devin Yalkin - Hades

3. Machinery 

Looking down on the city, metaphors spring to mind. A machine. An artificial brain that works according to the strict protocols of commerce, production and consumption. An untameable beast that feeds on human labour, natural resources and energy. Willing or not, we are caught up in its processes, in factories, in cars, lifts and metros, in the arteries of the city, anonymous and subservient.

  • Rasel Chowdhury - Desperate Urbanization
  • Xavier Comas - Tokyo Up, Down
  • Andreas Gefeller - The Japan Series
  • Christoph Gielen - Ciphers
  • Kai-Uwe Gundlach - The Crowd
  • Thomas Kneubühler - Office 2000
  • Gina LeVay - The Sandhog Project
  • Martin Luijendijk - Edges of the City
  • Jean-Marc Meunier - Shopping Streets
  • Andreas Müller-Pohle - Hong Kong Waters
  • Hans-Christian Schink - L.A. Night
  • Christina Seely - Lux
  • Kim Zwarts - US2009/2011

4. Deficient

Nature takes care of itself, the always hungry city demands that we feed it constantly. As soon as we, our architecture or the economy are remiss, the city withers. Hear: the sound of hurrying feet. See: the metal grimace of roll-down gates, the abandoned, stripped tenements, the downcast anarchy of graffiti. Hear: the boombox or the shattering beer bottle. We see, hear, smell – and our heart misses a beat. This is the world of human shortcomings, of the dream that turns into a nightmare.

  • Abir Abdullah - Death Traps: Tales of a Mega Community
  • Evan Abramson - Orphan Nation
  • Gregory Buchakjian - Nighthawks
  • FRANCILINS - Vi Elas
  • Carlos Cazalis - In Nishinari Ward
  • Carole Condé & Karl Beveridge - Liberty Lost
  • Manal Al Dowayan - And We Had No Shared Dreams
  • Ashley Gilbertson - Recession in New York
  • Yannis Karpouzis - Athens, a System in Turmoil
  • Selvaprakash Lakshmanan - The Rural Exodus
  • Sebastian Liste - Urban Quilombo
  • Yves Marchand & Romain Meffre - The Ruins of Detroit
  • Dana Popa - Our Father Ceausescu
  • Carlos Sanchez and Jason Sanchez - The Everyday
  • Will Steacy - Down these Mean Streets

5. Assembly

Stone on wood on steel on glass: combinations as diverse as the people by and for whom they were built. Hyper-modern high-rises, the crazy quilt of the favela, the new cathedrals of consumerism. What is built and what is demolished tells of hope and disappointment. History makes way for the future, which becomes history. The city is never finished. It is taking shape all around you, with its forms, its light, its words and its images.

  • Martin Adolfsson - Suburbia Gone Wild
  • Anas Al-Shaikh - Death of Landscape
  • Peter Bialobrzeski - The Raw and the Cooked
  • Paul Gofferjé - Beirut Panodrama’s
  • Dionisio González - Favela - An Assembled City
  • Jian Jiang - City Builders
  • Maros Krivy - New Coat of Paint
  • Martin Luijendijk - Continuation
  • Simon Norfolk &John Burke - Photographs from the War in Afghanistan
  • Edith Roux - Les Dépossédés (The Dispossessed)
  • Matt Siber - The Untitled Project
  • Elian Somers - California City
  • Franky Verdickt - Totem
  • Hans Wilschut - Untitled

6. Home

Calm down; this is the eye of the storm. Shut the doors and windows, draw the curtains, perhaps close the garden gate too. Lock the city out, lock yourself in, in a luxury apartment or a shack you built for yourself. The poster on the wall, the books in the bookcase, the magnets on the refrigerator, the photos in the frames: they're all you. You're nothing in the maelstrom outside, but your home is your castle – the one piece of the city that you can make and guard for yourself.

  • Giorgio Barrera - Through the Window
  • Nina Berman - Greening the Ghetto
  • Jodi Bieber - Soweto
  • Julio Bittencourt - Citizen X / In a Window of Prestes Maia 911 Building
  • Kendrick Brinson - SunCity: Life after Life
  • Estan Cabigas - The New Cathedrals
  • Alejandro Cartagena - Suburbia Mexicana
  • Reinier Gerritsen - The Europeans
  • Gabriel Jones - Untitled Series
  • Gareth Kingdon - Hidden Cities
  • Sirkka-Liisa Konttinen - Byker / Byker Revisited
  • LawickMüller - Urban Stage
  • Andreas Meichsner - 32.000.000
  • Darren Soh - Political Landscapes
  • Munem Wasif - Old Dhaka – Belonging

Epilogue: Verkenning

In the maze of streets, buildings, corridors and rooms, in the maelstrom of impressions, in the storm of light and sound: man. Seeking an attitude, a direction, identity. Contemplating. Feeling the way. His fingers on the skin of the city.

  • Matteo Bastianelli - The Bosnian Identity
  • Tiane Doan na Champassak - Kolkata
  • Nadav Kander - Johannesburg and Soweto
  • Olivier Pin-Fat - Dead Light, Bone Dry
  • Shen Wei - Chinese Sentiment