Hans Sas and Eva Kipp - Wad-ge-tijden

The Waddenzee is so wide that the heavens fit in it. Dark clouds, white clouds, tatters of clouds fly along. The grass writes black letters in the water. Footprints in mud; broken prints, taken away by the sea. Two pair of eyes see how time works its magic, always in the same place.

Route: (12 min) Cross over to the right from Station Zuidhorn and walk straight ahead. At the intersection after the pharmacy turn left into the Boslaan. The Jellemaweg is straight ahead after the intersection.

Cultureel Centrum Zuidhorn
Jellemaweg 3
9801 CG Zuidhorn
06 44370173
mon - thur 2pm-5.30pm, tue & fri also 6.30-8:30pm, thurs & sat also 10am-1pm


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