Anjo de Haan and Koos Lina - Navigare Necesse est

Voyagers from all over the world tie up in the harbour of Funchal (Portugal) and paint or write a token of their brief stay along the quay. Koos Lina lets us see how sun, wind and rain weather paint, how new images are added, and how time passes. The photographs by Anjo de Haan not an attempt at recording, but often translations of atmosphere and experiences. He reflects on the theme of ‘struggle’ with conceivable images of a metaphorical itinerary: the struggle to survive, to stand up for yourself and to conquer ignorance.

De Noordelijke Kunsthof
Blankenstein 2
9901 AX Appingedam
0596 624488
vrij, zat, zon 14:00-17:00

opening: Saturday 5 Sept 5pm


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