• Annick Ligtermoet, Vogel, 2009, C-print

  • Popel Coumou, Untitled 2

  • Sofie Knijff. Circus

Online exhibition - Seelevel

Seelevel Photo Gallery, guerrilla gallery for pioneering art photography, presents new works of the photographer Annick Ligtermoet at Noorderlicht 2009 from September 6 till October 4. At the festival can also be viewed the complete Seelevel collection at the Seelevel internet-kiosk, which is located in the USVA cafe. 

Annick Ligtermoet

In general, her work can best be described as a dark romantic story. Themes like death and decay are combined with sweetness and humour, which makes it possible to look at such horrid themes with both uneasiness and joy. The aim of Annick Ligtermoet is to leave the viewer in a state of confusion, to make people wonder why they like to look at uncanny images. 

The stories Annick Ligtermoet tells tell are based upon her own friends and experiences, but she tries to keep reality as we know it as far away as possible. Recreating the past with her fantasy is something she loves to do. By giving her photos an aged feeling, they appear to be collected by her, instead of made. The images look like old postcards, as if she has found them somewhere in a box on a dusty attic. This makes her able to use photography in a different way. For example, Ligtermoet made a series of photos that could've been found on somebody's wall, as someone's own collection, and so the photos are telling something about this person's identity. For her, the fact that photos can be seen as a proof makes the medium photography very interesting. Although she would like to pretend the worlds she creates existed, Ligtermoet also values the aesthetics of her pictures, so she tries to find a balance between the story and the beauty of the images.

Price reduction during Noorderlicht

During the four weeks of the photofestival each week one of the photographers of the Seelevel collection will be highlighted. During that week work of that photographer can be purchased with a discount. The selected artist will be published weekly on our internet site.

For more information on Seelevel please visit: www.seelevel.nl

USVA café
Seelevel Photo Gallery
Munnekeholm 10 / www.usva.nl
mon-fri 9am-11pm and during lectures


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