Marianne Krizkovsky and Debe Wannabe - Strijd: besnijden en amputatie

Women in essence dispute death at the knife’s edge achievement for life (Haiku by Debe Wannabe, on amputation)

Faith of a culture ravages society

women bear the pain (Haiku by Marianne Krizkovsky, on female circumcision)

Atelier Marianne Krizkovsky
Abdijstraat 11
9831 RX Aduard
0615516618 / 0504031987

wed through sun 1pm-5pm

Route: straight ahead in Aduard to the Abdijkerk, first street to the right is the Abdijstraat. Last house on the left, through the gate, first door on the right. The Atelier is upstairs; by appointment the photographs can be viewed on the ground floor.


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