Vader (Father)

Fotogroep Amsterdam

Ting Ang, Dina Boonstra, Elise Dekker, Lennard Duijvestijn, Marco Hillen, Fokke van Saane, Huub Severiens, Heleen Wiering

(Father) An imaginary fatherland: single fathers, teenage fathers, intimate portraits of fathers are all approaches to the personal theme ‘Father’ as developed by the Fotogroep Amsterdam. In associative images, landscapes, documentaries and portraits – on the one hand immediate and documentary images, on the other abstract and narrative photography – we see the variety that has characterised the Fotogroep Amsterdam for many years now.

De kerk van Westerwijtwerd
Pastoriepad Westerwijtwerd
06 54348238 / 050 5014835
sat and sun noon-5pmwheelchairs: not accessible


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