• Henk Veenstra, Ellen ten Damme

Various - 'Ground', 'Soulmates', 'Traces of emptiness' and 'I is love'

Four exhibitions throughout the building:

Daguerre Ground Leescafé Belcampo 1st and 2nd storey

Henk Veenstra SoulmatesMusicians and their favourite instruments
Wolters-Noordhoff wall

Kitty Boon Traces of emptinessStair well

Alfred de Groot I is love
Youth Department

Public Library – Central
Oude Boteringestraat 18
9712 GH Groningen
050 3683683

mon 1 - 6 pm, tue thru fri 10 am - 6 pm

(thursdays till 8 pm), sat 11 am - 4 pm, sun 1-5 pm

opening: wed 9 Sept 4:30 pm with Rense Sinkgraven & Meindert Talma


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