photo: Holly Lynton

  • MOIS DE LA PHOTO (Canada)

    photo: Patrick Dionne & Miki Gingras

  • Delhi Photo Festival, India

    photo: Sudharak Olwe, 'The Threshold'

  • DRIK, Bangladesh

    photo: Sarker Protick, 'What Remains'

  • Fotofestiwal Lodz, Poland

    photo: Marcin Przebieracz

  • Reportage, Sidney

    photo: Rafaella Rosella, 'We met a little early, but I get to love you longer'


A world of photography

Noorderlicht is an internationally oriented institute for photography that provides a podium for talented photographers from all corners of the earth. That was demonstra- ted in the much-praised festivals focusing on photography from the Arab world and Africa, among other events. To celebrate the twentieth edition, Noorderlicht asked twenty institutions from all around the world to make a presentation for themselves in 20|20. Those selected are all institutions to which Noorderlicht feels akin, because they, like Noorderlicht, make their own exhibitions and work in a narrative manner. Each institution is presenting the work of one photographer who is still unknown outside his or her own country, who exemplifies photographic developments in that region. The title refers not only to the 20th anniversary, but also to ‘20|20 vision’, the sharp gaze on the world that Noorderlicht and the other twenty institutions strive for.

DRIK (Bangladesh) - Sarker Protick
Delhi Photo Festival (India) - Sudharak Olwe
European Photography (Italy) - Paola de Pietri
FORMAT (England) - Holly Lynton
Fotodepartament (Russia) - Julia Borissova
Fotofestiwal (Poland) - Karolina Jonderko
Fotomuseum Winterthur (Switzerland) - Sabrina Biro
FotoTriennale.dk (Denmark) - Morten Barker
IRIS (Russia) - Alexey Kuzmichev
LagosPhoto (Nigeria) - Olayinka Sangotoye
LeBal (France) - Sylvain Couzinet-Jacques
Mois de la Photo (Canada) Patrick Dionne & Miki Gingras
Photographic Social Vision (Spain) - Arnau Bach
Pressefotografenes (Norway) - Helge Skovin
Reminders Photography Stronghold (Japan) - Nozomi Lijima
Rencontres de Bamako (Mali) - Nii Obadai
Reportage (Australia) - Raphaella Rosella
Singapore International Photo Festival (Singapore) - Tristan Cai
Sirius Art Center (Ireland) - Jean Curran
United Photo Industries (USA) - Samuel James