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Vero Bielinski

Vero Bielinski - Brooklyn Hipsters

(United States, 2012-2013)

In her constant search for the 'wonders of reality' Vero ended in New York City's borough of Brooklyn. There one finds the birthplace of the hipster phenomenon, an urban, superficial subculture oriented to consumption as a celebration the desire for individuality. Fashion is the strongest form of expression for the hipsters, and they use the street as their stage for seeing and being seen. With her street portraits in Brooklyn Hipsters Bielinski shows individuals who strive for uniqueness, but fail to realize that they wear a uniform.

Carlotta Cardana

Carlotta Cardana - Mod Couples

(Great Britain, 2012-ongoing)

In the late 1950s the Mod subculture arose in London. They distinguished themselves from the post-war society with their fashion consciousness, music and scooters. This subculture is still popular a half century later, in 2014. In her series Mod Couples Carlotta Cardana records Mod couples. But their characteristic style is no more than a framework: by not directing them, but rather letting them pose as they wish to, and even decide on the location themselves, Cardana looks beyond the 'mask' of their outward appearance. Through subtile differences in their poses and attitude the partners reveal a lot about themselves, both as individuals and as lovers.

Matthew Niederhauser

Matthew Niederhauser - Sound Kapital: Beijing's Music Underground

(China, 2010)

A growing number of musicians in Beijing move outside the censored media channels. They provide a fresh, independent voice in a country that is known for its creative conformism and saccharine Cantonese pop. With their unique sound these musicians aggressively expose the dichotomy between the old socialist ideals and the temptations of the free market, and with it, the split in the moral and social basis of modern China. According to the photographer Matthew Niederhauser, who documented this underground scene, there is no doubt that these musicians will expand their awakening, and already spreading subculture of independent thinking and free musical expression.

Denis Rouvre

Denis Rouvre - Cosplay

(Japan, 2011-2013)

In his series Cosplay the photographer Denis Rouvre shows us what most resembles a parallel universe. In Tokyo he photographed young people who devote their lives to cosplay, a contraction of the English words costume and play, dressing up as their favourite characters from manga strips, fantasy films or games. Contests, web forums and special events become their stage, and an opportunity to live the life of their fictional heroes and heroines. When in costume, Rouvre says, they reflect a part of their own personality, creating a life that is far removed from reality.

Åsa Sjöström

Åsa Sjöström - Rockabilly

(Sweden, 2009)

Time seems to have stood still in the Swedish village of Enviken. From the greased quiffs and petticoats to the American Old Timers and, of course, the music; everything here breathes a rockabilly atmosphere/rockabilly nostalgia. Originating in the early fifties in America, a worldwide rockabilly revival emerged in the late seventies. Rockabilly in Enviken seemed to be dying out with this latter generation, but now their children are following in their footsteps; forming the new Swedish old school rockabilly generation.

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