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Society and Change in Northern Ghana

Northern Ghana Life

Noorderlicht | House of Photography worked for three years with Ghanaian and international photographers on a visual documentation about Ghana. Since its independence in 1957, the West African country has never experienced a disruptive crisis, making it an interesting example for developments in the region. With the project, consisting of an exhibition during the NUKU photo festival in Ghana and a photo book, leading photographers provide insight into the society and landscape of Ghana.

Noorderlicht curator Marc Prüst, together with NUKU Studio, thus created a unique project, a visual documentation of Northern Ghana in combination with an academic program with the same title. Internationally renowned, and a group of young, talented Ghanaian photographers, combine academic, documentary and artistic visions to form a cohesive whole, to show the social changes in Ghana.

The result is an exhibition at the Tamale Center for Photographic Practice and Research during the NUKU photo festival, which takes place from 13 to 21 September in Ghana. A photo book with the most important images appears next to the exhibition.

The opening of the exhibition will take place on Saturday 15 September at 9:00 am at the Center for Photographic Practice and Research in Tamale, Ghana.