Laura Böök : For me it's important to develop strong relationships with the people I photograph and give back something, and also to make work that is not just for other photographers or photography enthusiasts.”

Laura Böök speaks about her ongoing documentation of a Congolese immigrant community adapting to live in a small Finnish village.

Vero Bielinski: "In the future It will be harder and harder to be or to feel individual in our world."

Vero Bielinski, a German-based photographer with Polish roots, explored the hipster street culture in an effort to understand their message.

Surendra Lawoti : History has shown time and again, that the 'common people' do rise up to bring about change.

Surendra Lawoti was born in Nepal in 1972. After finishing his high school in Kathmandu, he moved to the US to pursue higher education. Surendra’s work stems out from his interest in social issues, politics, image-making and activism. He is interested in individuals, social groups and their milieus, generally those on the periphery of the mainstream society. He agreed to talk about his work with Nepali activists who are rallying for constitutional changes.

Matthew O'Brien: 'It is an uphill battle, and always will be.'

Matthew O'Brien joins our blogathon to talk about his long standing engagement with a complex country like Colombia.

Marrigje de Maar: 'Over the years my backpack got lighter and lighter.'

"I feel it is more the individual who changes his community, not so much whole communities choosing a different life style." – Marrigje de Maar, our guest for blogathon issue #5.