Martin Roemers - Metropolis / The Eyes of war


Entrance: free

Dutch photographer Martin Roemers will give a lecture about his World Press Photo Award winning project Metropolis. He will also show some light on his other long-term project The Eyes of War about people who lost their sight as a result of the Second World War.

In his long-running project METROPOLIS Martin Roemers photographs cities with a population of more than ten million. The key question is how people can live in such a crowded and overwhelming environment. His photos suggest that despite the chaos, the cities have managed to preserve their human dimension. Look at the little stories that take place in the midst of the hustle and bustle: that of the street vendor, the commuter, the tourist, the passer-by. Everyone seeks his own direction in the modern, urban society.

Martin Roemers

Martin Roemers (Netherlands, 1962) studied photography at the Art Academy in Enschede. He has shown worldwide and published in magazines including Newsweek and The New Yorker. His book about the landscapes and architecture of the Cold War, Relics of the Cold War, appeared in 2009. In 2011 he won a World Press Photo Award for METROPOLIS. In addition to this project he is working on the long-term project The Eyes of War, about people who lost their sight as a result of the Second World War.


Date: September 25,  2011, start 14.30 hrs. 
Location: USVA, Munnekeholm 10
Admission: free
Language: Dutch

Photo: Martin Roemers, Bombay