Opening by Matthieu Rytz

Awarded Commitment

Matthieu Rytz, founder of AnthropoGraphia, opens the exhibition on 13 April at 5 p.m.

AnthropoGraphia Award for Human Rights

The name AnthropoGraphia is a combination of the greek words,  'anthropo' - 'graphia' ,which literally mean ‘human-being - writing’.

The essence of these terms reveal AnthropoGraphia’s mission: to write human stories, using photography as the medium.

AnthropoGraphia makes the world a more conscious place by exhibiting visual art and artists that challenges our prejudices and better our understanding of cultures and societies different from our own.

They accomplish this by supporting the work of visual artists—from diverse backgrounds and working in variety of contexts— who adopt responsible and culturally sensitive art practices. The resulting artworks are seen across the globe in exhibitions taking place from New York City to Angkor in Cambodia.

Their mandate of exposing prejudice and furthering understanding extends to how these exhibitions are intellectually and physically assembled. In the curatorial process they bring forward issues relevant to our contemporary world by selecting artworks that challenge and engage our society. They also refuse distinctions between genres and mediums, bringing together a variety of approaches towards representation. Exhibitions take place in venues across the globe offering different publics a space of dialogue, learning and action. Finally, exhibitions are curated by the consensus of two guest curators and one in-house curator, bringing together multiple perspectives in a collaborative process.

AnthropoGraphia directly enables under represented peoples to become visual storytellers by providing them the tools to communicate their unique vision of the world and the challenges they face. This is accomplished through public programming and hands-on workshops in collaboration with other grassroots NGOs and arts professionals. AnthropoGraphia also fosters online and in-person networks of visual artists, enabling them to exchange information and expertise, and debate on how the visual arts and social change are related.

Through these multiple approaches, AnthropoGraphia recognizes the power of visual story telling to bring about awareness and ultimately make our world a more equitable place