Gerco de Ruijter

Terra Cognita

Entrance: free (with admission museum)

Gerco de Ruijter - Almost Nature

Gerco de Ruijter photographs with a remote controlled camera on a kite. In ‘Baumschule’ he plays with the sharply delineated man-made landscape of the tree farm. In the rigid rhythms of the rows of trees the smallest deviations stand out – and it is precisely these deviations that make us conscious of nature again. He shot the series ‘Almost Nature’ above a conifer nursery in Boskoop, South Holland. Every plant there is a clone, so that each gradation in colour means a tree comes from a different source. Each tree, De Ruijter says, is  equivalent of the photographic pixel.

Venue: Restaurant Museum Belvédère.
The lecture is Dutch spoken.
Museum admission applies.