Graeme Williams

Terra Cognita

Entrance: free (with admission museum)

Graeme Williams (South Africa) will discuss how photography in South Africa and particularly his approach to photography, changed pre- to post-apartheid. The political and social change between 1989 and 1994 prompted a different photographic response.

It was during this period that Williams freelanced for Reuters and other news outlets in order to gain access to the events that transformed the nation. Following 1994, he and other South African photographers became aware that the media’s attention had shifted away from the country. This period also coincided with a worldwide reduction in the demand for reportage and a growing interest in photography from art galleries and museums. The bodies of work Williams produced over the past 25 years have shifted in response to these outward changes in his environment, but also reflect his personal transformations.

The work of Graeme Williams has been exhibited and published internationally and is housed in many permanent collections. 

Venue: Restaurant Museum Belvédère.
The lecture is English spoken.
Museum admission applies.