Korrie Besems

Terra Cognita

Entrance: free (with admission museum)

Invented past & Landscape of Cockaigne

For years the urbanizing landscape has been the main subject in the work of the photographer, visual artist and instructor Korrie Besems. Among the topics she will be dealing with in her lecture is the extreme thematizing of residential and recreational areas.
After a short introduction to her oeuvre Besems will examine the practice of thematizing and creating artificial identities for new residential and leisure landscapes. With increasing frequency designers employ themes that they invent or copy from the past, but which in fact never existed. Apparently the buying public presently need different and stronger visual stimuli in order to be tempted, seduced, amused and satisfied. In part because of this, the themes are becoming more extreme. To an increasing degree they show a penchant for nostalgia – and kitsch is ever more frequently the result.

Venue: Restaurant Museum Belvédère.
The lecture is Dutch spoken.
Museum admission applies.