Peter Brinkman

Terra Cognita

Entrance: free (with admission museum)

On the thought of Louis le Roy, our creative potential, and nature in man.

Peter Brinkman is chairman of the Time Foundation. The Dutch Time Foundation (Stichting Tijd) administers various eco-cathedrals. An eco-cathedral is a structure piled up – without mortar – from the scrap left over from paving, such as sidewalk tiles, bricks, concrete posts and curb stones. Since 1982 Louis Le Roy has been arranging this material into a complex structure in which nature has an equally great share. There are no definitive building plans for the work, the form of the whole depends on the material which is dropped off regularly, whereupon Le Roy and a number of others add it to the structure.

Venue: Restaurant Museum Belvédère.
The lecture is Dutch spoken.
Museum admission applies.