Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2020 - Generation Z | participants announced, festival starts at a later date

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2020 - Generation Z | participants announced, festival starts at a later date

17 april 2020

As Noorderlicht is trying to find its way in the current situation, which affects everyone, she is continuing to prepare for the 27th edition of the Noorderlicht International Photo Festival. A sharp selection of work has been made for GENERATION Z, which shows a generation that focuses on fundamental emancipation processes. Given the daily changing expectations for the future, the festival will be launched later in the summer and the Noorderlicht team is thinking about alternative forms of presentation.

GENERATION Z – the participants
Elena Aya Bundurakis (GR) | Els Zweerink (NL) | Ine Lamers (NL) | Jan Stradtmann (DE) | Lavinia Xausa (IT) | Lena Kuzmich (AT) | Lisandro Suriel (SX) | Madeline Swainhart (VS) | Marie Lukasiewicz (FR) | Martine Stig (NL) | Massimiliano Rossetto (CH) | Amal Alhaag (NL) & Nadine Stijns (NL) | Nael Quraishi (GB) | Oktawian Jurczykowski (PL) | Oliver Ressler (AT) | Ra Solaris (PL) | Sebastian Steveniers (BE) | Sydney Rahimtoola (VS) | Tanya Klimovich (RU) | Tasio Bidegain (ES/FR) | Tommy Smits (NL) & Daniel Dmyszewicz (NL) | Verena Blok (NL) | Victor Naumovski (MK) | Sheng-Wen Lo (TW) | Pilvi Takala (FI)

‘Generation Z’ is about the mindframe and the energy of the youngest generation of world citizens, born after 1995. What is their place in society, how do they see their future, what are their ambitions, especially in view of the crisis in which the world now finds itself? By tapping into their basic attitude, Noorderlicht wants to provide insight into their lives.

Open Student Call: Noorderlicht Futurama
In the festival’s open call in 2019, we focused on the future perspective of Generation Z, not yet knowing what the world had in store for us. At the same time, we were working on an international Student Call, in which lens-based students were called upon to take a self-portrait of their generation. In view of the drastic developments, the call has been adjusted. We now ask students worldwide to provide a nuanced insight into their vision of the future in one image. Together, these images will have a place in the festival and thus give a voice to a generation.

Young Curators 2020: Sydney Rahimtoola & Hanane El Ouardani
Noorderlicht continues the mentoring program Young Curators, which was launched last year. Two young curators, under the direction of Noorderlicht, will put together an exhibition that thematically flanks the main festival. The two curators for the 2020 edition are Sydney Rahimtoola (USA, 1993) and Hanane El Ouardani (NL, 1994).

Noorderlicht International Photo Festival 2020
Generation Z
Location and dates to be announced.